Mission Statement: "As a company we will plan for selective but aggressive growth and be acknowledged as a leader in our industry. We will provide a supportive environment for our employees, provide exceptional customer service and interact with our community and our manufacturers with the highest standards of integrity."

Organizational Values: All business will have a culture that evolves over time, a system of morals and beliefs that become part of the experience of the company. Shearer Automotive believes that the things we hold most dear can be described in the following simple statement of values...

  • We are committed to providing a place of employment that is safe, satisfying and rewarding for our employees.

  • We are committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement.

  • We will seek and earn a leadership position in any market in which we compete, which will provide the company with superior return on investments.

  • To foster long-term relationships with employees, customers, and vendors, we will treat all people with whom we interact in a straight forward and honest manner.

  • We will strive to recruit and select individuals that will be positive additions to the team and excel in performance while adhering to our high standards of ethics and integrity.

Shearer Automotive Vision: The Shearer Automotive team will pursue a vision of becoming Vermont's largest volume premier automotive servicing and sales organization. We will accomplish this by developing the best of the best people in the industry and by providing the best possible products and services for our customers. We will strive to be number one in employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and owner loyalty. Our employees will be empowered to make the RIGHT decision for our customers to ensure we exceed our customer's expectations. We will do all of this while holding ourselves to the highest standard of morals and ethics and remaining true to the integrity and uniqueness of our brands.

Shearer Automotive Pledge: The Shearer Automotive Team pledges to treat every customer with honesty, integrity, sincerity and professionalism.