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Why Do You Need Regular Oil Changes


Why Do You Need Regular Oil Changes?

Bringing your vehicle in for regular oil changes might seem like a hassle, but it couldn’t be more important! Engines from all makes and models are made of many individual moving parts, all of which need to be properly lubricated in order to function smoothly. This is the role oil plays in your engine, but over time pollutants and debris can build up and oil breaks down, hindering its ability to work properly.

A best case scenario to driving with dirty oil is lower fuel efficiency; the worst case is irreversible wear…

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The Benefits of Winter Tires


The Benefits of Winter Tires

Don't let the mild, warm autumn weather we've been having fool you! Winter is still looming on the horizon. Just the other day I spotted a wooly bear caterpillar with barely any orange, though a more dependable source, the Farmer's Almanac, is also predicting a cold and snowier winter in the North East. 


We all know the best way to prepare for winter is to get your vehicles fitted with winter tires, but are they really necessary?

A short answer to that question is "Yes!" 

Especially in Vermont and New England where…

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Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

With gas prices at the current level, it never hurts to help the budget. Here are some recommendations on how to save from your friends at Audi South Burlington.

Keep Track of your Gas Mileage
Fill your gas tank and reset your trip odometer. When your tank reaches empty, write down the mileage and the number of gallons that you put in at your next fill up. Use this to calculate how many miles per gallon were driven. Do this a few times until you have an average. 

Keep your eyes on the road up ahead.
When you are anticipating…
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Audi Announces Revamped Design Language

We sure do love the way Audi infuses sleek luxury and performance into all of their designs. That is to say, if we were to list all of the things we love about the  Audi A7 and the Audi A4, the lists would be pretty similar. Luxury materials, signature aesthetics, powerful engines, and eye-catching looks would top the list, and Audi has recently announced plans to further distinguish each of their popular models.

This new design language...

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Audi to Send the 2012 TT-RS Out With a Bang

Soon enough, those of you in the Champlain Valley with a need for speed will be able to get your hands on the all-new Audi TT-RS. But, before that happens, Audi is planning on sending the 2012 models out with a flourish. Not that the name particularly matters, but rumor has it that the Audi TT-RS Plus will get a boost in power along with some stylish refinements.

So here's the deal: Audi engineers are busy planning the next-gen model of the TT-RS for the 2013 model year, but they're also busy...

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Celebrate the Season with Audi!

The turkey has been roasted, the lights have been put up, the tree is decorated and the presents are ready to be wrapped...what's next? Well, obviously, we'd love to see you here at South Burlington Audi to help us celebrate The Season of Audi event. That's right, this year, instead of a tie or socks, you could find yourself behind the wheel of an all-new Audi.

Offers vary by region, of course. But for Champlain Valley drivers...

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2014 Audi R8 Set to Lose Some Weight

It seems that cars keep getting heavier these days. And while that's come to be an expected norm, Audi, with the help of aluminum and carbon fiber, will shave over 200 pounds off of its next-gen R8.

Audi has made a commitment to build a lighter-weight chassis, and in 2014, the sporty Audi R8 will get a 30-percent increase in torsional rigidity in addition to being 220 pounds lighter. This will buck the current…

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