At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Audi unveiled two new concept vehicles. Sport EVs based on the Audi Sportback and Audi Spyder, they are both crafted from super-lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), with one-plus-one seating and free-standing wheels with protective plates. These eye-catching designs looks like a hybrid of high-class go-carts, old-school gangster cars like the 1935 Hudson Terraplane, and the modern micro car.

The Audi Sportback and Audi Spyder EV both feature electric motors delivering a combined output of 20 PS and 34.67 lb-ft of torque. The lithium-ion battery fitted to each car offers a 45-mile range. Designed to be city vehicles, the Audi Sportback and Spyder can get up to an impressive 62 miles per hours in 16.9 seconds.

Unlike other vehicles , these 1,058-pound Audi concepts cannot really be categorized in any of today's official automobile segments. With innovative aesthetics and impressive performance factors for Sport EVs, they show a strong potential for trend setting in urban mobility.

Audi continues to break the mold in design, particularly with the Spyder-inspired concept EV. Occupants don't enter through traditional doors - conventional, suicide or even gullwing. Anyone looking to drive or ride in the Spyder concept has to hop in through the retractable roof - which can be left open on nice days for the perfect city ride.

The interior of the Audi Spyder concept EV includes durable, water-repellent floor mats. The seats are upholstered with equally durable fabric and the accents are of exotic kangaroo leather. To top it off, the dash is dressed up with aluminum applications.

Along with the launch of the Spyder and Audi Sportback EV concepts, Audi has announced an effort to develop a way to charge EVs without outlets. This contactless induction system is called Audi Wireless Charging (AWC). The idea is that the charging stations would be built into normal parking spaces that have been integrated into the power grid. When the concept EVs are parked, they will automatically begin charging, and cease as soon as the battery was full.

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