New this year, the Audi A7 has certainly impressed us here at South Burlington Audi. It really is hard to find something that we don't like about the A7 - it's stylish, it's fun to drive, it's powerful, and it's full of features. Honestly, it'd be easy for us to talk about all of the reasons the Audi A7 deserves all of the accolades it's already received, but we think that the folks over at Automobile Magazine have summed it up quite nicely for us. How so? Well, this year, they chose the hatchback as their "Automobile of the Year."

Every year, the magazine chooses one car that they believe to be the best automobile on the market. Past choices have ranged from the innovative Volt to the clean-diesel VW GTI the luxury models like the 3 Series. Usually these cars represent a remarkable change from the automaker, a major technological breakthrough, or a very impressive upgrade from the vehicle's past iterations. This year, however, the magazine chose the A7 because "It's the culmination of everything Audi has promised."1

Of course, that doesn't surprise us much. The Audi A7 is the embodiment of the stylish luxury and unbeatable performance that have made models like the Audi A4 and 2012 A6 so popular with Champlain Valley drivers. But what is it about the A7 that sets it apart from its siblings?

Automobile Magazine says, "...the Audi A7 does not represent a dramatic change of pace for its maker. Audi has been building handsome, fast, rewarding luxury cars for some time now. Anchored by Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive, bristling with of-the-moment technologies, and surrounding its passengers with an artfully crafted interior, the A7 is exactly in keeping with the cars that this brand has been turning out."2 More specifically, it features a 3.0-liter V6 engine that rockets the car from 0-60 in just five seconds with 310 ponies of power. Plus, the sleek "3-line" design from Audi gives this four-door coupe a look that is entirely its own. Editors say, "The car appears elongated, as if tapered by the wind...the A7 is simple captivating."3

When it comes down to it though, you really have to see this car in person to understand what all the hype is about. Stop in to our showroom at 1325 Shelburne Rd South Burlington, VT 05403 to take one for a spin. We're sure you'll find it every bit as alluring as the editors at Automobile Magazine. But when you fall in love with it, don't say we didn't warn you!

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