We sure do love the way Audi infuses sleek luxury and performance into all of their designs. That is to say, if we were to list all of the things we love about the  Audi A7 and the Audi A4, the lists would be pretty similar. Luxury materials, signature aesthetics, powerful engines, and eye-catching looks would top the list, and Audi has recently announced plans to further distinguish each of their popular models.

This new design language, as they're calling it, will be distinctly Audi, of course. But, it will serve to provide more dramatic differences between each model, giving each their own niche in the lineup as well as in the luxury market. This effort was announced during a recent interview with Audi Design Director, Stefan Sielaff, who explains, "We know that some people think our [sedans] look too alike and are well into a project to chat that. We will mainly do that with the proportions of those cars. And it will mean differences, say, in the way the headlights meet up with the grille; the design details will be different."1

He explained that the project is being called "AQR," where A stands for Audi (sedans and hatchbacks), Q stands for Quattro (SUV models) and R stands for sports cars. Along with unique looks each product line, rumor has it that electric cars will get a look that is entirely their own, to distinguish them from the traditional diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles.

At this time, that's really all we know. But we also want to assure you that no matter how different our favorite Audi models may look on the outside in coming years, the expertly engineered luxury performance that the German automaker is famous for will not be changing anytime soon.

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