At Audi South Burlington, Vermont, we ensure you make the financing decision best suited to your needs.
New Audi Vehicle Leasing

To lease or purchase?

By leasing, you only pay for the portion of your Audi that you use, which results in lower monthly payments. Your savings can continue in some states thanks to leasing tax advantages.* You also get a commitment from us to protect your Audi when things go wrong. It's something known as GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) coverage, and it comes standard with every Audi Financial Services lease. In short, when you lease through Audi Financial Services, you get maximum performance and maximum peace of mind.

Fully explore your options.

When trying to decide whether to lease or purchase, you should rely on the same level of thoughtfulness and thoroughness you used to select your Audi. After all, selecting the right option isn't entirely a numbers game. You also need to factor in considerations such as how much you drive, the type of roads you travel on, and the extent to which you want to personalize your Audi with aftermarket accessories. Answer the questions below to fully explore your financing options.
Audi Leasing- Why Leasing  New Audi Makes Sense

More Audi for Your Money
Audi Financial Services' Leases are Flexible, Convenient, and Customizable

For these reasons and more, leasing an Audi is an attractive alternative to purchasing one. Your monthly payments are typically lower than traditional purchasing payments because they are calculated based on how much you use your car during the term. Our lease terms can range from 12 to 48 months.* Don't forget the other benefits you'll enjoy, including our ease of application and convenient payment plans.

The Mileage Factor:

By choosing to lease, you have the opportunity to custom-tailor the mileage allotment to suit your driving habits. Here's how this works: Audi Financial Services leases allow 15,000 miles of driving a year for new vehicles. If you drive more than that, you'll pay a standard mileage fee for any excess miles at the end of the lease. Or, you can buy upfront miles at a discount. If you'll drive less than the mileage allowance, consider a lease with an allowance of 10,000 miles per year. Either way, you're in control. For advice tailored specifically for you, please contact Audi South Burlington.

GAP Coverage:

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) coverage comes standard with every Audi Financial Services Lease. If your car is stolen or declared a total loss, GAP along with your insurance proceeds will satisfy your lease account obligations if you have proper insurance in place, have paid your deductible and your account is in good standing.

End of Lease Options:

As your lease ends, you can choose to continue your Audi relationship in one of the following ways:

  • Purchase your Audi through Audi Financial Services.
  • Finance your Audi.
  • Turn in your current Audi and get ready for your new Audi.

Next Step:

Contact us here at Audi South Burlington to determine your actual leasing terms and begin your application process. As with all our leasing options, you can apply right at our Audi dealership. If you qualify, we'll design a leasing arrangement that meets your needs.

Notable numbers when and why leasing may be the ideal fit for you:

  • If the years you intend to drive this Audi are less than: 4
  • Standard term leasing allows for either 10, 12, or 15 thousand miles per year, if you drive more than 15 thousand miles per year Audi South Burlington can tailor your lease to your specific driving needs.
  • Amount you'll pay for GAP Coverage: $0
  • Lease terms are available from: 12-48 months (some restrictions may apply)

* Information subject to change. Not available in all states.

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