Used 2014 HondaCR-Z BASE

  • VIN: JHMZF1D48ES002839
  • Stock: C3287
Located at
Shearer Acura
Hours and Directions
64,342 miles
Fuel Economy
36/39 mpg City/Hwy
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Hatchback/2 seats
1-Speed CVT w/OD
Honda CR-Z
  • Carfax One Owner

Highlighted Features

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Wireless phone connectivity
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Steering wheel mounted audio controls
  • Rear window wiper
  • Fully automatic headlights
  • Security system
  • Alloy wheels

Detailed Specifications Consumer Reviews

Kelley Blue Book -
Overall4.7Out of 5
  • Good Car, has flaws

    By spyderbite9001 on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    I've owned 2 hondas in my life. An 08 Civic EX Coupe automatic and an 11 CR-Z EX w/o navi manual. Of the two, I like various things about them. My perspective is taken after owning both. Pros for the CR-Z. Its much more nimble, though roughly the same weight, its body lean is much less than the Civic. Its also quicker off the line and passing on the freeway is much much easier, I dont even downshift, the "sport" mode takes care of it for me. Excellent fuel economy. I get ~39 mpg average, and my daily commute is all city ~11miles each way. Neutral- The sun visors are equally cheap in both cars. But thats the way it is for all honda's under 25k, so its a tie. The interior styling is futuristic and really neat in both cars. I like them equally. The digital speedometer is AWESOME! I just love it. The steering wheel in both is great. The CR-Z is a tad narrower but the leather feel is great and makes up for its rather puny size compared to the Civic. The alloy rims are really nice as are all EX stuff that comes with both cars. Definately a "must" addon to either vehicle, the value is there. Just like the civic, the passenger is left totally bored. There is nothing for the passenger to do but change his vents. Its all driver centric, pro or con, you decide, but my wife is totally bored over there. Must have ipad in glovebox (which fits in both btw) Both have ample trunk space. I love them, but the CR-z has a slight advantage in that its temp controlled and always accessible from cockpit. Cons- The civic seats were bigger and better for touring. The CR-Z seats are shorter in the seat, so someone of my size (6'2") has a rough time keeping comfortable after several hours. The battery is too small. Only .6kWh means you drain it if you floor it on the onramp. And when that battery isnt helping, that motor is too under powered. That makes it a tad slower than the civic for long accelerations. The vehicle also only charges when in gear. So if you want to charge the battery without moving your SOL. Its a bummer its not plugin, so dont think you're going to race more than 2, 1/4 mile stretches with battery.
  • American Reviewers Need To Reassess

    By lucas on Monday, December 06, 2010

    I've got just over 1200 miles on the car, and I still find just about any excuse to drive the car. One of the funnest cars I've owned. The CR-Z is solidly built and there isn't the slightest rattle:Extraordinary when you consider the price ($21K and 17" wheels). I began to research the CR-Z via U.S. auto reviewers, not owners, as the car had not come to the states yet. Boy, did these guys unfairly rip the car. I just think we got it a little backwards in the U.S. I then began to read UK and other European reviews, and most were very positive and some excellent. In Europe and Asia there are tons of underpowered fun cars most Americans have never heard of.....we're used to horsepower. Maybe Honda inadvertently mislead North Americans by calling the CR-Z "Sporty", which by the way is an accurate description of this 2-seat coupe'. 'Bout the car: *Excellent ride and feel *Firm,but forgiving suspension making this car a joy to drive to and from work, or when you want to take the long way home on your favorite rodes with lots of twisties and sweeping turns. *Aesthetics: great inside and out...not that I care, but people comment about how cool the car looks, and are surprised when I mention it's a hybrid. Seats are excellent in comfort and support, the instrument panel is very cool looking and everything is easy to get to, and not "busy" like some expert reviewers have commented. Interior materials look high quality even though there is some plastic, but overall the interior is great and looks and feels higher quality than one would expect on a $19K-$22K car. Stereo on the Ex is surprisingly pretty good for a factory unit (Ipod/Flash is standard). *Engine performance is an interesting experience and a little difficult to fully put into just gotta test drive one and let the sales guy let you drive the car the way it should be driven. I mostly drive in Sport Mode and am averaging 33.7 MPG. When I tone it down I'm getting about 40MPG in Normal Mode, really don't care for the ECON Mode, but I'm sure it would be useful for a long highway trip on cruise. The car seems to be a great deal quicker than the specs say. Passing at highway speeds is great, there's plenty of power at your disposal if needed. The CR-Z does not feel or drive like a hybrid. My wife has a '10 Insight, which is also a great car in its own right, but they don't compare in the least. The CR-Z has a nice balance of performance and MPG & low emissions. Great handling and power for what the car is meant to be. Love to see peoples' reactions when I pass them at speed on steep freeway uphills.
  • Good but not Great

    By zzpot on Friday, October 21, 2011

    Quick and zippy but has no real power. Even in sport mode the car seems sluggish once the initial torque from the electric motor runs out. The 6 speed version may be more fun to drive but the CVT really takes some of the driving feeling out of it. The suspension is lacking in both comfort and performance. This car has a good deal of body roll in tight turns and the road noise is unforgivable. Let's not forget though that this is a hybrid and honestly we just are not quite there yet as far as merging a power and economy. Bottom line, great fun solution for a boring long commute just remember when you wish you had more power that it only takes $30 to fill and that will get you around 400 miles.
Used 2014 Honda CR-Z
Exterior Color: Black
Vin Number: JHMZF1D48ES002839
Stock: C3287
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