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Audi Announces Revamped Design Language

We sure do love the way Audi infuses sleek luxury and performance into all of their designs. That is to say, if we were to list all of the things we love about the  Audi A7 and the Audi A4, the lists would be pretty similar. Luxury materials, signature aesthetics, powerful engines, and eye-catching looks would top the list, and Audi has recently announced plans to further distinguish each of their popular models.

This new design language...

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Audi to Send the 2012 TT-RS Out With a Bang

Soon enough, those of you in the Champlain Valley with a need for speed will be able to get your hands on the all-new Audi TT-RS. But, before that happens, Audi is planning on sending the 2012 models out with a flourish. Not that the name particularly matters, but rumor has it that the Audi TT-RS Plus will get a boost in power along with some stylish refinements.

So here's the deal: Audi engineers are busy planning the next-gen model of the TT-RS for the 2013 model year, but they're also busy...

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Celebrate the Season with Audi!

The turkey has been roasted, the lights have been put up, the tree is decorated and the presents are ready to be wrapped...what's next? Well, obviously, we'd love to see you here at South Burlington Audi to help us celebrate The Season of Audi event. That's right, this year, instead of a tie or socks, you could find yourself behind the wheel of an all-new Audi.

Offers vary by region, of course. But for Champlain Valley drivers...

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Audi Announces Nine Months of Record Sales

What's better than a record-breaking sales month?  Record-breaking sales for nine straight months. Thanks to Audi enthusiasts, like those of you in the Burlington area, the automaker not only boasted their best-ever September sales, they did it for ninth month straight.

Not only did they break the record for September sales, Audi outsold September 2010 by 19.3-percent, or 1,547 units. How many Audis is that, exactly? About 9,745 units, just in…

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Audi Unveils New EV Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Audi Sportback and Audi Spyder EV both feature electric motors delivering a combined output of 20 PS and 34.67 lb-ft of torque. The lithium-ion battery fitted to each car offers a 45-mile range. Designed to be city vehicles, the Audi Sportback and Spyder can get up to an impressive 62 miles per hours in 16.9 seconds.

Unlike other vehicles , these 1,058-pound Audi concepts cannot really be categorized in any of today's official automobile segments. With innovative aesthetics and...

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IIHS Names Audi A6 "Top Safety Pick"

Luxury drivers in the Champlain Valley can now find the 2012 Audi A6 at Audi South Burlington. The redesigned A6 features state-of-the-art safety advancements, including aluminum hybrid body construction, FlexRay data transfer system, LED headlights, Audi night vision assistant, Audi drive select, and Audi connect.

Known for making the road a "more intelligent place"1, the Audi A6 did so well on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash test, it was...

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Audi A8 with Hybrid Drive

Coming to Audi South Burlington for 2012, a hybrid variant of the powerful and luxurious Audi A8 produces just as much horsepower as the fully gasoline variant. The German auto maker claims their new A8 hybrid has "The power of a six-cylinder model, the fuel consumption of a four-cylinder version…"1

Audi's flagship, and even a movie star thanks to The Transporter series, its 2.0 TFSI gasoline engine, combined with an electric motor…

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Audi R8 Goes Exclusive

Lets face it, the incredible Audi R8 is probably one of the most advanced and powerful coupes on the market today. Just when you think there isn't a way to make such a luxurious sports car any better, the German auto maker has announced a surprise for you.

Available at Audi South Burlington, R8 will receive a special enhancement that only a few Audi vehicles ever get the pleasure of witnessing. R8 has earned…

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Audi A8L W12 Comes to the USA

Remember when the 2011 Audi A8L W12 debuted in Europe, last year? There were more than a few Audi enthusiasts in the U.S. who were crushed by the German automaker's decision to not bring it stateside. Ourselves included. Audi South Burlington, however, never gave up hope. And finally, our wish is being granted. The top-of-the-line 2012 Audi A8L W12 will finally be available to American drivers, craving unrelenting opulence and a fierce 0-60…

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