With gas prices at the current level, it never hurts to help the budget. Here are some recommendations on how to save from your friends at Audi South Burlington.

Keep Track of your Gas Mileage
Fill your gas tank and reset your trip odometer. When your tank reaches empty, write down the mileage and the number of gallons that you put in at your next fill up. Use this to calculate how many miles per gallon were driven. Do this a few times until you have an average. 

Keep your eyes on the road up ahead.
When you are anticipating changes in speed ahead of time, you will use less gas.  Sudden braking will cause your car to downshift quickly resulting in more fuel use. 

If the truck is refilling the station, don't refill your tank
As new gas is being added to the station the older gas and sediment from the bottom of the tank is stirred around and could make its way into your tank. This could hurt your gas mileage. 

Don't drive too far to get cheaper gas. 
When you know the mileage your vehicle uses, you can determine what each mile is costing you. If you are paying 25 cents per mile and you decide to drive 2 miles to the next station to save 2 cents a gallon, with a 15 gallon tank, you are actually losing 20 cents (50 cents for driving two miles minus the 30 cents you saved driving there). Not worth the hassle.

We hope these tips help you save a bit of money during the holiday season and beyond.