Lets face it, the incredible Audi R8 is probably one of the most advanced and powerful coupes on the market today. Just when you think there isn't a way to make such a luxurious sports car any better, the German auto maker has announced a surprise for you.

Available at Audi South Burlington, R8 will receive a special enhancement that only a few Audi vehicles ever get the pleasure of witnessing. R8 has earned itself the Audi Exclusive treatment. Audi USA revealed this special edition on its Facebook page to hundreds of thousands of fans.

An 'Exclusive' edition involves the customization of an Audi vehicle utilizing various enhancement options throughout a car's interior and exterior design.

"Essentially," according to Motor Authority, "potential R8 customers will be able to order their supercars in any color they want, such as this Saddle Brown and Magnolia White combination. Everything from the exterior to the trademark side-blade and cabin can be customized."1

Customers will also have the option to choose a "virtually limitless" amount of color schemes and combinations for the car's Nappa leather lined seats. If you really want to get detailed, check out the combinations of backing, side inserts and stitching. Yes, you can even customize stitching!

If you're interested, pricing can be discussed with your local Audi dealer, once final options have been decided on.

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