It seems that cars keep getting heavier these days. And while that's come to be an expected norm, Audi, with the help of aluminum and carbon fiber, will shave over 200 pounds off of its next-gen R8.

Audi has made a commitment to build a lighter-weight chassis, and in 2014, the sporty Audi R8 will get a 30-percent increase in torsional rigidity in addition to being 220 pounds lighter. This will buck the current trend of building bigger and heavier cars for American streets, but we're not sure if the price will take a hit, also. This might not only make the R8 one of the lightest cars in the sportscar segment, it will also help Audi meet stringent fuel-economy targets.

It's not set to hit dealers like Audi South Burlington for another three years, so we haven't been able to confirm if the price will also take a jump. But, regardless of the MSRP, we have a lot to look forward to in the development of the Audi R8. The automaker is set to release a face-lifted Audi R8 before the carbon-aluminum chassis debuts in 2014.

You're probably as curious as we are to hear more about the next-gen R8. Stayed tuned with our blog, we plan to provide you with more details as soon as we have them. Of course, anytime you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us online or at (888) 542-6276. Eager to get behind the wheel? Stop by and see us at 1325 Shelburne Road, South Burlington, VT, 05403 to take a spin in any of the new Audi or certified used cars we have in stock.