Audi Protection Plans- Keep Your Audi New

Be Prepared.

As your Audi ages, the probability of repairs may increase.  Before your Audi vehicle limited warranty expires or you incur another repair bill, talk to Audi South Burlington about a vehicle service plan to fit your needs.

It's about coverage.

Our vehicle service plans provide you with many options and can cover many components such as your engine, transmission, brakes, electrical system, and more.

Make things a little easier.

Vehicle service plans help protect you against the unexpected.  Please call Audi South Burlington (888) 542-6276 or fill out the form to the right for pricing.

What are my options?

Click the buttons below to see a brief description of the different packages that are available to you.  We would love the opportunity to talk with you to find out which package would best suit your needs.

Protection Plan Inquiry

Protection Plan Inquiry*

Above and Beyond

In addition to the coverage these packages provide, the following are included as an added commitment to you and your Audi:
  • Rental Car Coverage
  • Towing Coverage
  • Travel Coverage
  • Fluids Coverage
  • Improved Resale
  • Financing
  • Over 5K Service Centers
  • Optional Tire coverage
Please contact us for details of these coverages.