The Audi Report

How does the Quattro work?

The gain in efficiency is enabled by two clutches in the drivetrain. These are arranged so that the rear portion
of the drivetrain can be completely decoupled. The quattro with ultra technology offers all the advantages of front-wheel drive when the driving conditions do not require all-wheel drive. To this end, a clutch on the gearbox decouples the propshaft from the rear wheels. An integrated decoupler opens on the rear-axle differential. This cuts out the main cause of drag losses on the rear drivetrain. So, for example, fuel can be saved when driving at a constant speed on the motorway in good weather conditions. To switch on the all-wheel drive, the stationary propshaft can be accelerated to the necessary speed within fractions of a second, and both clutches can be closed again.

Introducing Audi Connect

The Features:

Traffic Light Information:
New Traffic light information system communicates with traffic signals to inform the driver when traffic lights turn from red to green.

Google Voice Search:
Save your time and effort by letting Google Voice Search for destinations through voice command.

Tablet and Smartwatch Integration:
Connect to the Audi MMI Connect App more than just on your smartphone.

WiFi HotSpot:
The Wi-Fi hotspot supports up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Remote Vehicle Services:
Lock or unlock your vehicle or check to see if your windows or doors were left open remotely through the MMI connect App.

Google Earth:
Enjoy 3D satellite imagery, including Google Street View.

Fuel Price Finder:
When you search for local gas stations, you get complete access to fuel prices in your area.

Audi Parking:
Search for parking in your area of interest, checks space availability, and sets your selection as a destination to help navigate directly to the garage entrance.

Audi MMI Connect App:
Send destinations to your car from your electronic devices, stream music, see traffic reports, locate where you last parked your car, and much more.

Route Guidance:
Make your drive more bearable with real-time traffic information and insights for the best routes that give you estimated arrival times and accident and incident alerts.